Closing conference


“Before you speak, it is necessary for you to listen, for God speaks in the silence of the heart.” ~ Mother Teresa

After six weeks we finished our project, and at the closing conference we had the chance to show to the audience what we have done in that period.

It was a long and hard period, filled with work and enjoyment. We were all waiting for this day.

JKSMS was also there

We visited slums for two weeks, we were teaching basic english to the children, we were playing with them, try to discover their potentials, getting to know their dreams. We spent lot of times to getting to know more about the problems and to try to find solutions. The result is what the audience could see this day.

We prepared our case studies and shortmovies for this occasion, we put not just our impressions and suggestions into it, but our hearts too. We were working in four different groups, so we had four different movies about our experiences. (video of Group 1, Group 2, Group 3, Group 4)

The Team of Project Creations (the rest who could stay until the closing conference)

We hope, our presence and work will leave a mark here…


Global Village


“We didn’t all come over on the same ship, but we’re all in the same boat.”  ~Bernard M. Baruch

800 delegates from more than 30 countries all over the world comprising of the locals as well, came to Jaipur to participate in a cultural event called Global Village. At the Global Village the different nations got the chance to represent their own country and culture. People came from different projects, some of the country representatives just met at the event, while others joined in to assist with the preparations. Every county had a stand to introduce their culture, share informations about their countries, represent it with costumes, presentations, pictures, souvenirs, food and sweets.


The Kenyan Representatives Lawi and Audrey

Of course we had the chance to visit the other’s stands too which was a great oppurtunity to get to know more about countries which we have never visit, about the people who are living there. Taiwan, Iran, Malaysia, Kyrgyzstan, China, Tunisia, Kenya, Portugal, Morocco, Hungary and many other, smaller or bigger countries were there to join in this cultural madness.

The Taiwan Stand

It is an amazing experience to meet so many different cultures and mentalities in the same time, share our thoughts and learn from each other. Not everybody can tell that they tasted the stone eggs from Taiwan or delicious sweets from Iran or tried national costumes from Kyrgyzstan or dance alltogether until the sun goes down.

We competed for the best female costume, best male costume, best stand and best dance award. From these four categories our project’s people won three prizes:  „Best male costume”- Tunisia, „Best stand”- China and „Best dance”- Hungary. Congratulations to them, and all of you! 🙂

The Winners: Hungary (Second from left), China (Third from left), Tunisia (Second from right)

I am sure, we went home with unforgettable memories…

The Silent Street Play (Awareness Program)


When it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached, don’t adjust the goals, adjust the action steps.

– Confucius –

Therefore after training sessions with the JKSMS Group we took our street play to on of the Slum areas whereby our objecive irregardless of our language barrier was to pass on messages that would try to create awareness in that society about some of the vices that are cripling them and hindering progress by means of our rehearsed Silent Plays.

Illustration of "Gender Inequality"

Illustration of Education Biasness

Illustration of Gender selection via Abortion

During the program one of the members of the NGO would assist us by conversing in hindi to explain what our messages meant and how they related to that particular society,furthermore he also encouraged them to actively participate in discussions on how some of the portrayed scenarios could be corrected.

From the debates we got to learn why they carry out some of these vices and we also got a chance to share our opinions on why some of these practices should be discontinued for the benefit of the society while bearing in mind not to IMPOSE but to SUGGEST and impart some light on the benefits of stopping vices like alcoholism,drug abuse,child labor,gender discrimination/selection,educational biases as well as the need to improve their conditions.

In the end we hoped that we were able to atleast change the mindsets of the society if not a few,after all its better to start small and work your way up. 🙂

"Watching as we walk in some of their shoes through the acting..."

"Contributing her opinion"

Education is integration


“When we are small the main thing we depend on and need the most is love. When we are given this invaluable feeling and attitude we are ready to make new steps on the road of life with confidence, feeling support of people who fill it with sense.

If you are deprived of parental care, neglected by society, what does the future hold for you?!

Contrary to my expectations in the slums I did not see children as unhappy, hopeless, feeling sorrowful. I saw bright, open and energetic personalities. However, these children deserve much more than they have. These kids are dreaming of big beautiful houses and cars. In fact, they are in a strong need of care, attention and love. A small part of the due attention which is invaluable for majority of slum children is education.

We all know that education does not guarantee a better life, a good family, success or money. But lack of education for these children deprives them of a chance to break out of the birth ordained destiny. Life is arranged in such a way that education is the first and very essential step of integration into the world. For one person this opportunity may not mean much, but can help to live life fully, to realize oneself, to feel that life is to live, but not to survive for another. Transformations in the fate of one person can lead to a chain of changes, which are able to affect the fate of the future.”



Phase 2: The Street Play

The Secret to getting ahead is getting started. The Secret to getting started is breaking your complex and overwhelming tasks into small manageable tasks and then starting on the first one“.
~ Mark Twain

The creations group was divided into different groups to assess some of the slums thematic concerns and later on were expected to bring these concerns to the public’s awarness. But we had to start somewhere and so we started a “Think-tank” where every individual noted down which problem they would like to bring to the public’s attention.

Some of the problems suggested were:

  • Lack of proper education for both Parents and Children
  • Child Labor
  • Alcohol and Drug abuse by both Parents and Children
  • Lack of Proper Toilet Facilities
  • Disinterest in School
  • Gender Biasness
  • Child Abuse in terms of Violence and Child prostitution
  • Lack of Hygiene Measures and Health Facilities
  • Abortion of Female Fetuses
  • Lack of proper family planning measures

Possible solutions recommended by the groups:

  • Start-up of Awareness programs to sensitize the community on the advantages of education.
  • Start-up of Awareness programs against Abortions and to educate the society on the harmful effects of this act.
  • To educate the society on the effects of drug abuse on the users.
  • To educate the community on how family planning can be beneficial in terms of handling family finances and expenditure.
  • Proper guidelines against the sale of alcohol to underage persons.
  • Implementation of effective guidelines to discourage Child Labor and Abortion.

At the end a general consensus was reached that some major issues that need resolving involved:

  1. Gender Discrimination: where the boy child was highly valued than the girl,and as such this theme also contributed indirectly to the high population since, a male child is sought over highly that birthing continues till a boy is found irregardless of how many girls are already in the family.
  2. Abortion: There is an increase in the number of female abortions since the pregnant women basing their reasons on tradition deem the girl child as irrelevant preferring only to want to give birth to a male child.
  3. Education Standards: Most of the slum children at times can’t go to school because the teachers and the well-off children deem them not fit for school, therefore to a point being discriminatory.

Gender Discrimination

Therefore the groups have to come up with creative ideas on how to portray such issues with the aid of a Silent Street Play, which will help step up the awareness level of the society.


It’s not what you know, it’s what you do with what you know.” ~ Unknown

What else we did in the slum?

So we had a really great time with the children: we were studying, we were playing together, we tried to create interest in studying, to push them to dare to dream big. We enjoyed every moment. And we hope, our presence will make fruits in the future.



“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.”
~Martin Luther King, Jr.

Based on this inspirational quote the creations group believe that Individual commitment to a group effort is what makes a team,  a society and a civilization work. By turning our various nationalities and prior experiences towards a common idea, a sort of think tank to try and help out in any way we can to try and alleviate the slum problem in Jaipur.

We interacted with the children on various platforms such as learning or through the various interviews we conducted, which gave us a better scope and understanding of their problems.


The children seemed eager to learn themseleves which boosted our morale since it showed we were making headway

The group each contributed towathe whole learning process,while some of them interviewed the children with the hlp of J.K.S.M.S volunteers who played a major role in terms of translating and helping us conduct activities we had planned:

Another group taught with the help of the J.K.S.M.S Teachers: